How to check the PH level of the water and the active oxygen in the hot tub

Your evenings are full of relaxing moments, when you come home you know there is a perfect place where you forget about everything and everyone, where your muscles relax and your mind goes into vacation mode. It doesn't matter the season, nor where you are, what matters is that you have a partner who understands you and helps you start over the next day: a hydromassage tub from Deluxe SPA.

To give you these moments full of relaxation, your bathtub needs a minimum of care, small checks to keep it clean and not endanger your health.

Hot tubs use high temperature water and this increases the possibility of bacteria and other pathogens in the water. Typically, to keep your hot tub in top condition, you need to monitor and adjust your water's chlorine, alkalinity, and PH levels. In the article onHow to clean and disinfect a bathtub I also talked about the frequency with which you need to maintain such a product, if you want relaxation sessions without problems!

Testing for chemicals in the tub can be done monthly, but testing the PH and active oxygen in your hot tub should be done once a week!

The product we recommend, Test Strips , is a simple but effective product, with which you can perform tests for the PH level of the water and the level of active oxygen in your bathtub. You have 50 tests available, which means if you do one test per week, it can last you for about a year!

How to use the test strips from Deluxe Spa?

The test strips come with a color palette to help you interpret the test result, giving you information about the optimal levels you should achieve after testing!

Step 1 - Insert the test strip fully into the water, moving it back and forth for 5 seconds.

Step 2 - Remove the tape from the water without shaking it.

Step 3 - Interpret the PH and active oxygen result without waiting.

Step 4 - After 10 seconds, also compare the rest of the results on the strip with the color palette.

Hint: PH measures the acidity or alkalinity of water, with the preferred range being between 7.2 and 7.6, with the optimum level being 7.4. Adjusting the PH level of the water is very easy if you have the Deluxe Spa products recommended for this operation at hand!

What are the benefits of Deluxe Spa test strips?

  • You can measure up to 5 parameters with a single strip;

  • They are very easy to apply;

  • You do not need to apply more complicated methods, with the addition of reagents or test tablets;

  • Results are achieved quickly.

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