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How to clean and disinfect a hot tub

by Bianca Stoica 03 Dec 2022

Does your hot tub feel dirty? Want to know how to clean it without affecting its functionality?

Here's a quick guide on how to clean and maintain hot tubs . It's not difficult at all, you'll see! You will enjoy the indulgence of water jets as soon as you complete the operation!

When you have a hot tub, it is absolutely necessary to consider its maintenance, in order to enjoy a relaxing experience for as long as possible! The guide is useful for both hot tub and jacuzzi owners. He will give you valuable information on cleaning surfaces, cleaning nozzles and cleaning filters.

In order for the cleaning operation to go smoothly and smoothly, you will need:

  • gloves
  • a clean sponge
  • dishwasher detergent or detergent specially designed for cleaning hot tubs
  • a multifunctional bathroom detergent

How to clean a jacuzzi tub

The hot tub is that piece that you can easily place both outdoors and indoors, depending on your preferences! If you love nice weather, you can install the hot tub right in the garden or on the terrace, and if you want to enjoy a bath in your tub all year round, you can install it in the house. No matter where you install it, it will give you moments full of relaxation and relaxation after long and tiring days! The only thing that can spoil your relaxing moment can be the accumulated dirt in the bathtub!

Let's get the cleanup going, shall we?

Get a household bleach (e.g. Domestos) and a multipurpose detergent (e.g. CIF) handy and follow the steps below:

  • Check the instructions in the manual
  • Each hot tub has its own characteristics, so different cleaning methods may be suggested in the manual. The manufacturer may have created additional settings for cleaning the hot tub, so reading the manual or instructions on the website may make your job easier!

  • Cool the jets and fill the tub
  • It is important to ensure that all air controls are off and to fill the tub, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. You can turn off the water after you have all the jet nozzles covered with water 5 or 6 inches above.

  • Add 3 tablespoons of low-foam detergent to the tub (about 50 ml)
  • It is very possible that the manufacturer recommends the use of a detergent specially designed for cleaning, but if you have not purchased such, you can also use a powder/powder dish detergent without problems.

  • Add about 100ml of household bleach
  • It's time to use gloves to protect your hands, if you're not already wearing them! Household bleach is a very powerful cleaner! We recommend reading the label on any cleaning product, including hot tub cleaner or dishwashing detergent, to make sure you use it safely as directed.

  • Turn on the water jets for about 15 minutes
  • It's a procedure you won't like, but all the mess that comes out now is what could have caused you trouble later if you hadn't acted!

  • Empty the bathtub and clean the debris
  • When cleaning hot tub pools, you can use the same cleaning and sanitizing products that you use on a regular bathtub! Now is the time when you will need to use the sponge and the bathroom cleaner, such as Cif, which will help you thoroughly clean the impurities without damaging and scratching the plastic surface.

  • Fill the tub again, then turn on the jets for another 15 minutes
  • It is a process by which the water rinses away the detergent, dirt and bacteria left in the tub.

  • Empty the tub and give it a final clean with Cif
  • Now your hot tub should be sparkling clean!

    How to disinfect a hot tub and how to keep it clean

    Just like the rest of your home, a thorough cleaning of your jacuzzi or hot tub once in a while is great to keep the surfaces sanitized, but it's very important to maintain it consistently and regularly!

    Our recommendation is to perform a weekly cleaning to avoid residue build-up. First of all, your attention should be on the waterline, the hull and the water jets. Use a sponge and a solution of white vinegar for this, and add chlorine or a special product to the water, such as Chlorine Tablets 1 kg or Bromine Tablets 1 kg , which destroys germs and bacteria. You will thus have a clean and disinfected bathtub!

  • How to clean jacuzzi and hot tub filters?

  • Our recommendation is to aim for both cleaning the parts on the surface of the hot tub, which will give the tub a nice and clean look, and cleaning the parts you can't see as easily, such as the filters, so your experience will be a hygienic one! The product we recommend for this operation is PipeWork Cleaner .

  • When to clean a jacuzzi tub filter? Weekly!

  • If you maintain a routine and clean the filters weekly, a simple rinse will be more than enough to get rid of the dirt and debris that collects there!

  • When to clean hot tub filters? Monthly!

  • Make sure the jacuzzi or hot tub is turned off and then remove the filter so you can rinse and clean it of debris and dirt. You need a cleaning solution to soak it in for 20 minutes, during which time the chemicals will remove the dirt and grime that has been hiding in the filter lining. At the end, rinse very well, otherwise you will have foam in the tub! At the end, you can mount the filter in its place and use the tub! That's it, you're done!

    Before concluding, because we mentioned before that there are products designed specifically for cleaning and disinfecting jacuzzi tubs or hydromassage tubs, we recommend a product called PipeWork Cleaner, which disinfects both visible surfaces and hard-to-reach areas , such as pipes and drains, the places where unpleasant odors arise and where the most dirt accumulates!

    Chlor Tablets 1 kg is another product recommended by our specialists. It sanitizes the water in the tub, dissolving slowly, without residue, over a longer period of time.

    Bromine Tablets 1 kg is a product that disinfects the water in the bathtub in the same way as chlorine tablets, but without the smell. It is ideal for people who cannot stand the smell of chlorine! The tablets dissolve gradually without residue, releasing the substance over a longer period of time. It is one of our customers' favorites because it does not irritate the eyes and skin, and can be placed both in the filter cartridge and in the dosing device of the tub.
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