Processing of personal data

Processing of personal data on the website

This website is owned and managed by ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL, identified with CIF RO33073394, J40/4736/2014, for which data confidentiality is an essential component. Our data protection policy and practices focus on the appropriate and legal processing, exchange and storage of personal information and also on ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability.

This confidentiality statement applies to the main operational entity of ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL and its subsidiaries.

ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL processes and stores personal data in the EU and is able to demonstrate at any time compliance with the laws of the European Union as well as with the principles established in this document.

This privacy statement represents the complete privacy policy applicable to the online activities of ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL. This statement explains the types of information we collect from customers and how we use this information.

Our website complies with the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), which is a mandatory legislative act. The GDPR creates new rights for individuals and strengthens some existing rights under Directive 95/46/EC.

Principles of personal data protection

The data protection policy on the website is based on the following data protection principles:

  • The processing of personal data will be done in a legal, fair and transparent manner;
  • The collection of personal data will only be done for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and the data will not be further processed in a manner incompatible with those purposes;
  • The collection of personal data will be adequate, relevant and limited to the information necessary for the purpose of processing;
  • Personal data will be accurate and, where necessary, updated;
  • All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that incorrect data is deleted or corrected without delay;
  • The personal data will be kept in a form that allows the identification of the person concerned and for a period no longer than that in which the personal data are processed;
  • All personal data will be kept confidential and stored in a manner that ensures the necessary security;
  • Personal data will not be distributed to third parties unless it is necessary for the purpose of providing services according to the agreements;
  • The persons concerned have the right to request access to personal data, their rectification and deletion, objection or restriction from data processing as well as from the right of data portability.

Personal data

Personal data means any information that can be linked to an identified or identifiable natural person (subject person). Personal data includes all types of direct or indirect information (i.e. used in connection with other data) that refer to the subject, such as name, date of birth, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

Collection of personal data

The data we collect includes the following:

  • name, surname, email, telephone, postal address
  • we collect data about your device and how you and your device interact with our products.
  • we collect data about the features you use and the web pages you visit on our site.
  • we collect data about your IP address, regional settings and language settings.

The purpose of collecting personal data:

  • informing customers/buyers regarding the status of their Account including validating, shipping and invoicing orders, resolving cancellations or problems of any nature related to an order, goods and/or services purchased;
  • sending periodic newsletters and/or alerts, by using electronic mail (e-mail, SMS), only if the person concerned has explicitly expressed his consent;
  • market research, tracking and monitoring of sales and customer/buyer behavior.

Use of personal data

We will use personal data only in the context of the purposes mentioned in the previous article. Also, ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL can provide the personal data of the buyer to other companies with which it is in partnership, but only for the purposes mentioned above, as follows: courier companies, marketing service providers, the company of accounting, to the company that manages the website

The buyer's personal information can also be provided to the General Prosecutor's Office, the Police, the courts and other competent state bodies, based on and within the limits of the legal provisions and as a result of express requests.

Security of processing

We will process data securely, apply and maintain appropriate technical measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, in particular when processing involves the transmission of data over a network both against any other form of illegal processing. Customer data is saved in databases located on servers in the European Union.

In case of a security breach, which can be represented by an accident, a loss of data or an unauthorized access, ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL will inform the authorities represented in Romania by the ANSPDCP (National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data) in maximum 72 hours from the discovery of the security breach.

Access and rectification or deletion of personal data

Customers have the right to request at any time access to, rectification, deletion or restriction of the processing of the data collected by us. To help us keep personal data up to date, we recommend users to inform us of any changes or discrepancies. To view an extract or modify personal data, to obtain information about the period of time for which ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL intends to keep personal data or for other questions related to personal data, including their definitive deletion from our records, please contact us by email at or by phone at 0729.602.943.

Marketing emails

ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL has the right to send marketing e-mails to clients with their consent. This specific form of consent must be freely given, specifically and precisely informed. These requests are fulfilled when customers have opted-in to receive marketing emails (have actively consented).

Customers will always have the right to object, upon request and at no cost, to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes without having to provide concrete justifications. Customers can do this by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link that appears in the e-mail messages we send you or they can send us a message at Once the customer has objected, that customer's personal data will no longer be processed for direct marketing.

Marketing emails contain information that we consider interesting for the customer, as well as breaking news related to our products and services.


Customers have the right to file a complaint related to the processing of their personal data. All questions and complaints will be processed by us in a timely manner and in accordance with internal procedures.

In the unlikely event that clients have suffered damages due to the violation of rights according to the personal data protection policy and ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL did not handle the complaint appropriately, clients have the opportunity to send a complaint to the higher authority.

Complaints can be sent by email to

Changes to this policy

This policy can be updated from time to time, for example following changes in the relevant legislation or changes in the corporate structure within ALYMAR POWER BUSINESS SRL. If changes are made to the material, customers will be notified by e-mail or through the website before the changes take effect. We encourage customers to check this page periodically to be informed about the latest news regarding our privacy practices.

In force since: May 24, 2018