What is Spa Pure and why is it good for your spa tub

Do you have a spa bath and are you already used to the ritual of its care and sanitization, but you are concerned about the quality of the water and want to prevent problems?

This is a short guide that will explain the usefulness of a dedicated product, specially manufactured to take the care of water treatment off your shoulders!

SPA Pure is the product we recommend because it is specially designed to prevent water treatment problems!

The SPA Pure sachets work effectively by providing additional disinfection to obtain crystal clear water! The product is compatible with any treatment method you apply, and can be used even when the water in your bathtub is cloudy!

The SPA Pure product meets your needs with 4 sachets, having the ideal dosage for use during a whole month! It is recommended to use one sachet once a week. All you have to do is add the entire contents of one sachet to the bath water when the bath recirculation pump is on. The manufacturer recommends using this product at a different time than when you apply the main disinfectant! The whole process takes 15 minutes, after which you can use your spa tub to relax!

Using such a product has a lot of advantages, the main ones being that the water in the spa tub will always be clean and clear, the product offering additional protection in terms of hygiene thanks to the pre-measured envelopes, easy to use!

If you have questions or want to learn more about how to maintain your hot tub, our consultants are at your disposal. We also have short and to-the-point guides available that can answer your questions and help you choose the right care products or accessories for your bathtub!

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