Onyx SPA mini pool, relaxation in a magical way. Why you must have one too

You just remembered: you miss the sea so much, the summer, the long, warm evenings...

If you could, you would simply teleport somewhere where the sun now shines brightly, where the sand burns under the ring of fire, where the sea breeze caresses your skin and steals with it all the worries and all the fatigue…

No, I'm not trying to give you a vacation idea, or a ticket to a resort on a tropical island, but I have the ideal solution for you to feel exactly like a vacation right in your own home!

What you need is a mini SPA pool , and our proposal is called Onyx - after the name of the "healing stone". The magical power of the mini pool is that it manages to relax you in a therapeutic way, and the sessions are repeated endlessly, day after day, evening after evening! You don't need to make an appointment or look for magic hands reviews of any recognized therapist! Your mini SPA pool will do everything for you, right in the comfort of your home!

The capacity of the mini pool is 5 people, with 2 reclining seats and 3 sitting seats. The 3 headrests offer increased comfort, and the cervical massage and massage jets for the shoulder area perfectly complement the muscle relaxation sessions!

Controlling the options is done from the Balboa USA control panel, where you can even set the background music! Standard options include Pop-up speakers and a cascade water feature, plus control of 111 water jets and 10 air jets. I won't tell you more, discover them yourself!

Water and air jets ensure intense deep massage sessions, treating target areas of the body without generating any kind of discomfort! And the LED lights, of course, come to add a touch of vitality and visual comfort, for a complete treat!

The mini pool has 3 water pumps of 2 HP that supply the tank, 1 air pump of 1 HP and a water recirculation pump of 1 HP. The 3 kw Balboa heater is more than enough to ensure quick water heating!

The ozonation function and double filtration ensure deep water cleaning and maintenance, so your experiences in the Onyx SPA mini pool are hygienic, worry-free!

Access to the mini-pool is via the steps included in its standard package, and its cover, when not in use, is made with the thermally insulated cover.

If you have convinced yourself that you deserve such a treat, every day, right in the comfort of your home, let us know! We are more than eager to share our and our customers' experience with you!

While you are thinking, also visualize the place where you will place it, and consider the following aspects:

  • you will need a power supply for 220V - 380V;
  • you will need water supply;
  • the weight of the mini pool is 400 kg (empty);
  • has the following dimensions: 2200 x 2200 x 940 mm.

Now it's your turn to tell us your impressions after enjoying the first therapy sessions! how are you feeling Isn't the lush experience in your own home second to none?

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