SPA K890 mini pool, perfect for the whole family

Would you like it to be summer all year round?

To be able to enjoy long days and quiet evenings, mild mornings and acceptable temperatures, to feel like you are on a continuous vacation at least after hours?

If you had a mini SPA pool, you wouldn't care about the seasons anymore, the temperatures wouldn't be a problem anymore and you wouldn't be waiting with your heart for the holidays!

Why do we say this?

Because a mini SPA pool changes your life radically!

The mini SPA pools come bundled with free massage and relaxation services, with long hydrotherapy sessions that have the role of relaxing you, they come with good energy and the magical power to recharge you, even after the most difficult days!

The SPA K890 mini pool is one of the mini pool options that we recommend! At the same time, the mini pool can be used by 5 people, 3 of them can sit in the specially created space, and 2 can lie down!

The standard equipment of the SPA mini pool includes a Geko K500 control panel and a Geko Canada 3 kw heater. The maximum capacity in volume of water is 1,000 liters, the pool being fed with the help of two 2.0 HP (1.5 kw) water pumps, the water being then recirculated with the help of a 0.5 HP (0.37 kw) pump.

You may not know, but water jets are very important in hydrotherapy! The SPA K890 mini pool performs hydromassage on your entire body with a number of 57 lighted water jets!

The two speakers complete the relaxation sessions, being part of the integrated Bluetooth audio system.

Your comfort is ensured during the use of the mini pool thanks to the 3 headrests and the standard cervical and shoulder massage options!

The water supply system can dispense water in the form of a fountain, for a special experience! You have the impression that you are right in the middle of nature, although you have not crossed the borders of your property!

And since we were talking about therapy a little earlier, the spa mini pool includes the option of multi-LED chromotherapy, in 7 colors, both inside the tub and outside!

A very important aspect when you have a mini SPA pool is sanitation! It's nothing difficult and it doesn't involve a lot of effort on your part, as a user, but it's good to know that there are solutions specifically designed for cleaning and sanitizing jacuzzi tubs!

In addition, beyond the solutions that we said are good to have on hand when you own a spa mini pool, it has its own double filtration system and an ozonation disinfection system as standard options!

The anti-freeze system will save you from worrying about cold days, when the temperatures are low, if the mini pool will be located outside. In addition, the SPA mini pool has a sealing tray with reflective thermal insulation, a reflective perimeter thermal insulation and the facade is thermally insulated thanks to the reflective Deluxe Shield option. The tank has a thermal insulation of 20 - 30 mm, and the cover of the mini pool is thermally insulating (8-10 cm).

The structure of the mini pool is made of #304 stainless steel, and the mini pool is equipped with steps for easier access.

You have to keep in mind that, wherever you want to place it (inside or outside), you need water supply and electricity supply of 220V -380V, the mini pool having a maximum power of 6.4 kw. Its weight is 350 kg and it has the following dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 900 mm.

Below you can find the color palette available for the SPA K890 mini pool option.

Whatever your choice in terms of colors, we assure you that the SPA K890 mini pool is one of the most purchased precisely because of the generous standard equipment, which ensures an amazing relaxation and relaxation experience!

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