SPA Topaz mini pool, equipped with the latest technologies for maximum relaxation

In a constantly evolving world, with people demanding more and more from themselves, each of us tries to find balance in something, somewhere, as close to the soul as possible!

The Topaz SPA mini pool can be your oasis of peace, your corner of relaxation and disconnection from everyday life. With an elegant and innovative design, the mini pool is designed to give you back the comfort and relaxation you long for every day!

Topaz is the version of the SPA mini-pool that offers a space where up to 3 adults can relax, with 1 sitting place and 2 lying places, being equipped with innovative technologies that enhance your recreation experience.

The seats offer comfort, the hydromassage therapy is all you need after a long and tiring day! The shoulder area and cervical area are also pampered, thanks to the standard dedicated massage options.

The SPA Touch Balboa USA control panel, offered by the largest manufacturer of electrical control systems for SPA minipools, is state-of-the-art and allows you to choose the way you want to relax!

The standard package of the mini pool includes 2 pop-up speakers and a Bluetooth mp3 audio system that completes the atmosphere, being the perfect partner for relaxing moments for music lovers. Studies say that the harmonies that reproduce sounds from nature, relax the brain and give it unique moments of peace and relaxation!

Being equipped with multi-colored LEDs arranged in the area of ​​the feet, the waterline and in the corners, the experience will be all the more pleasant and relaxing.

The distribution of water in the mini pool is done either classically, in 64 water jets, or in waterfall mode, or in fountain mode, and the water supply is done with the help of the 2 pumps of 3.0 HP (2.2 kw). Water heating is provided by the 3 kw Balboa USA system, and recirculation is possible thanks to the 0.5HP (0.37KW) pump.

The maintenance of the mini pool is very simple, it will certainly not give you a headache! The standard equipment includes an ozonation disinfection system, and the side panels and steps do not require any special maintenance, as they are made of a wood composite. It is known that wood, over time, can rot due to humidity, but this composite favors the life of the mini pool, precisely because it does not rot! Thus, the appearance will be kept as new for longer! If necessary, replacing the panels is very easy, much faster and less expensive than it would have cost you to maintain natural wood!

The mini pool is equipped with an anti-freeze system, with a thermal insulation of the tub of 10-20 mm, with a sealing tray with reflective thermal insulation, with perimeter thermal insulation and with a thermally insulated facade Platinum Premium Shield. This means that the entire range of Deluxe mini pools has polyurethane foam insulation that helps to maintain the temperature of the water, while also helping to conserve the energy used in the water heating process. That is, the insulation helps both the functionality of the mini pool and the saving of electricity!

Wherever you want to place it, keep in mind that you must have access to water supply and electricity supply at 220V - 380V, its maximum power being 7.8 kw.

Consider the weight too, as it weighs 300 kg when empty, with a capacity of 800 liters of water. The dimensions are not to be neglected either, the mini pool measuring 2200 x 1560 x 900 mm. The structure is made of stainless steel, and is equipped with a heat-insulating cover.

Below you can find the color palette available for the SPA Topaz mini pool. Hue, tone and intensity of colors may vary by monitor!

Whatever your choice, we are with you! We are always ready to advise you on options and functionality, depending on what you want

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