What are pool heat pumps?

heat pumps

Surely, when you delved into the subject of mini pools and jacuzzi tubs, you came across the term "heat pump". But what does a heat pump do for a mini SPA pool?

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one room to another, using a small amount of energy! In the case of mini pools, heat pumps transfer the existing heat outside to the water in the tub with minimal effort and less energy consumption than if it had to produce heat.

How do pool heat pumps work?

The mini SPA pool is equipped with a pump that helps to recirculate the water. The pool water circulates through the pump, passes through a filter and through the heat pump heater, which is equipped with a fan that draws in outside air and directs it over the evaporator coil. Inside the evaporator coil is a liquid refrigerant that absorbs heat from the outside and turns it into hot gas. The hot gas passes from the coil through the compressor, which increases the heat, creating a very hot gas that then passes through a condenser. The purpose of the condenser is to transfer the heat from the hot gas to the cold water that circulates through the heater and is heated, then returned to the pool. The hot gas, on the other hand, circulating through the coil of the condenser, returns in a liquid form, reaches the evaporator again, where the whole process starts again.

There are several types of heat pump heaters, the more efficient ones usually using scroll compressors as opposed to the reciprocating compressors of standard units.

The outside temperature greatly influences the functionality of heat pump pool heaters, so it is preferable for the temperature to be somewhere between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius. Although the vast majority of users of mini-spits installed outdoors use them when the weather is milder, in warm seasons, it's good to know that energy consumption will also increase the colder the outside air drawn in! So, if you want energy consumption and financial effort as low as possible, the outside air temperature must not be very low!

How do you choose a heat pump pool heater?

Although there are gas pool heaters available that have lower purchase costs, in the long run they have much higher annual operating costs! Heat pump heaters cost a little more up front, but are much more efficient and the annual running costs are considerably lower! Plus, if properly maintained, they last longer than gas ones, saving you money in the long run!

Choosing a heat pump pool heater should be based on:

  • dimensions;
  • costs;
  • efficiency.

But enough with the technical details, let's move on to an example of a product available in our range, shall we?

The 3Kw heat pump for the Seastar pool is a heater with a compact design, economical in terms of energy (savings up to 75%) and eco-friendly, which installs very quickly and very easily!

The pump can be used both for inflatable pools or portable pools, as well as for Jacuzzi tubs or mini SPA pools from Deluxe SPA. The pump also offers the ability to be controlled via Wi-Fi from wherever you are, so you can enjoy hot water when you're ready to use your pool!

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