Why choose a Canto tub

When you configure your home, you always think of items that, beyond the appearance, will bring you extra comfort. You always try to choose quality, because you know that a higher quality product will accompany you on the road for a longer time, especially since this also means some savings in terms of finances.

Every room in your house needs attention, and although you may not give it equal importance at first, you realize along the way that the bathroom is just as important as the bedroom or the kitchen!

What do you want from your bathroom? Do you want it to satisfy just one essential need, namely hygiene, or do you want something more from it? We all live in quite challenging times, and after an exhausting day we take refuge, before resting, under the shower or in the bathtub... The bathtub thus becomes that item that you choose more carefully, being aware of the advantages with which comes as a package: therapy, rest, relaxation, relaxation!

Deluxe Spa models offer several types of experiences, and today we decided to tell you about a bathtub we call Canto . It's a bathtub that you can customize according to your preferences, with a hydromassage system and optional elements!

1. In the optional chapter, you can opt for a Fly Plus system, which is a basic level hydromassage system, with 6 manually adjusted/directed hydromassage nozzles (horizontally and vertically) to the area of ​​the body where you want the hydromassage to be performed. The structure is fully metal, and the escape mechanism is semi-automatic. The electric pump is self-draining, has a power of 700 W - 1.2 HP and pumps 320 l/min. The Fly Plus system can be controlled from the pneumatic keypad that coordinates the on-off functions and helps regulate the water and air mix.

    2. If you want something more than a basic system, we go to the next level, namely the Benessere system. Compared to the Fly Plus system, it comes with a big plus in the hygiene and aromatherapy category, so that the experiences bring you harmony! The system is controlled by the same pneumatic keyboard, which also coordinates the sanitizing and aromatherapy functions.

      3. The next optional system we present to you is the Touch tronic system, which comes with a considerable upgrade to the Fly Plus system. The Touch tronic system offers the option of Airjet with 10 to 15 nozzles , depending on the size of the tub, with the option of chromotherapy with a LED headlight, and with a level sensor . In the case of this type of optional, the system is controlled by a digital keyboard!

        4. In the top of preferences is the fourth optional system, the Combi touch system. It is an upgrade to the previous system, Touch tronic, which means that, in addition to the basic Fly Plus system, it comes with the option of an airjet with 10 to 15 nozzles , depending on the size of the tub, with the option of chromotherapy with a headlight , but this time with light play, with water level sensor , with FM radio with CD preparation and with the disinfection option.

          Of course, the system is controlled by a digital, illuminated keyboard, and allows the addition of options such as:

          • water heater - a device that keeps water at a constant temperature for as long as desired;
          • ozonotherapy - a device that distributes ozone through the tub's air system (airjet).

          Surely you know that ozone therapy is a therapy based on the instillation of an amount of ozone into the body, through various techniques, in order to obtain unexpected therapeutic results. The therapy destroys bacteria, helps the body eliminate toxins, intensifies blood circulation, stimulates metabolism and immunity.

          Ozone therapy can be used successfully especially in:

          • anti-aging aesthetics, because it improves cellulite, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and neglected surgical wounds;
          • orthopedics, disc herniation and arthrosis;
          • inflammatory problems such as tendinitis, swelling, dislocations, dislocations or sprains;
          • muscle cramps and headaches;
          • asthma and rhinitis.

          Whatever your choice, we are sure that your experience in the Canto tub will be extraordinary!

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