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Hydromassage tubs from the Excelance range, a perfect choice

by Bianca Stoica 26 Mar 2023

hydromassage tub

Are you moving to a new house? Or maybe redecorate? We know what you need for a complete upgrade of your home - a hydromassage bathtub .

Some time ago we were talking to you about the fact that, when we organize our space and decor in the home, we tend to neglect the space intended for the bathroom. But the bathroom is as important as the kitchen, living room or bedroom! I don't think we need to discuss why - the reason is simple and intuitive: beyond hygiene, a functional bathroom with quality products will improve your quality of life!

For added comfort and because you need repeated sessions of relaxation and de-tensioning, we recommend the range of hydromassage tubs from the Excelance range. Here you can find our offer, which is not to be neglected!

The Ellisse hot tub is an elegant, oval-shaped bathtub that comes in 3 size options. Regarding the available systems, the Ellisse bathtub can be configured according to your preferences, having the possibility to add the hydromassage system according to your needs, as well as certain optional elements!

From hydromassage systems drained semi-automatically and controlled with pneumatic or digital keyboards, to systems that include functions such as aromatherapy and the sanitizing function or even chromotherapy, FM radio with CD preparation and ozone therapy - for intense therapy sessions with beneficial effects in orthopedics, in the relief of inflammation and muscle contractions, in the treatment of bronchial asthma and rhinitis, and in anti-aging skin aesthetics, all are available and can be chosen according to your needs. Whatever your choice, the relaxation sessions every evening will be unique experiences that you have been longing for for a very long time!

Hydromassage bathtub Duo 190 x 160 cm , an elegant bathtub that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Optionally, the bathtub can be equipped with a front panel, a side panel or panels for both sides.
The configuration can be chosen according to preferences, with 4 hydromassage systems available that will offer you unique experiences of pure therapy right in the comfort of your home! Options start from systems with 6 manually directed hydromassage nozzles, to systems that include aromatherapy and sanitizing functions, air-jet with up to 15 nozzles, chromotherapy, FM radio music with CD preparation, even ozone therapy!

Symphony comes in one standard size, being perfect for spaces that are not so generous, for bathrooms and rooms where it was designed to position the tub in the corner! It can come bundled with a front panel, and in terms of options, it comes with a series of improvements, for complete relaxation sessions! You can also choose from the 4 hydromassage systems described previously: Fly Plus, Benessere, Touch Tronic and Combi Touch.

Cube 145 x 145 cm is the top option, one of the most sought-after hot tubs from the Excelance range! Thanks to the very elegant appearance and the utility of the spaces with which the front panel comes equipped, the Cube bathtub is the ideal bathtub for your bathroom! The small dimensions make it suitable for any kind of space, and the upgrade possibilities are quite generous, having the opportunity to opt for functions such as lumbar massage, ozone therapy, aromatherapy or water heating, without limiting ourselves to these! You can also choose your hydromassage system according to your needs, with 4 variants available: Fly Plus, Benessere, Touch Tronic and Combi Touch.

With any of the hot tubs available, your bathroom will quickly become your oasis of peace and relaxation. You will no longer need to waste time on the way to relaxation sessions, you will no longer need to look for suitable people for massage or therapy sessions. From now on, therapy and relaxation and relaxation sessions will take place in the comfort of your home, without any additional efforts!

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