What are barrel saunas?

barrel sauna

What are barrel saunas?

You may have heard of barrel saunas, those dry saunas set up in large barrels, designed that way because of the therapeutic benefits and the way the heat is distributed. The shape of the room pushes the heat from the top back to the bottom and sides, thus ensuring even heat, providing an authentic experience!

What are the advantages of barrel type saunas?

Barrel saunas are the most suitable solution for intense relaxation and de-stressing sessions, and can be installed both in the garden and indoors! It is the perfect choice both for home and for the owners of guesthouses, hotels or villas!

Barrel saunas come with a number of benefits for the user, from easy access for intensive sessions of physical and mental relaxation, to privacy - meaning you don't have to feel uncomfortable when you go to the sauna, the choice is yours when and with whom to share the room!

The characteristics of barrel type saunas are…

The cedar wood from which they are made is very popular due to its incredible fragrance and durability. It does not degrade easily, it is durable over time and heroically resists environmental factors, and its strong aroma repels insects!

The Deluxe SPA offer is very generous, with models from the Rustic and Panorama range available here . Available saunas can be assembled in just a few hours, as the sections come completely pre-assembled, with the door being hinged with self-closing hinges.

If you are curious about the available options, here are a few words about 4 of the saunas available in our stock:

  1. The Rustic Grandview Multiroom barrel sauna is the largest and one of the most sought after saunas in our range, being suitable for up to 5 or 6 people. The sauna has a changing cabin, a heater and stones, for a more realistic experience that takes you directly to the heart of nature!
  2. The Rustic Canopy barrel sauna is slightly smaller than the Grandview sauna, but it also allows 5 or 6 people to use it at the same time. Includes accessories such as a 30cm canopy, heater and stones.
  3. Rustic Red Cedar 4 ft barrel sauna is the sauna option suitable for 2 people, if you want privacy and a relaxation corner in your own home or in your own garden! The maximum temperature inside can reach 90 - 120 degrees Celsius.
  4. The Panorama Red Cedar 2400 barrel sauna is made of red cedar wood and has a safety glass door. Allows simultaneous use by 6 people and includes thermometer and ambient light, bucket and pot, rot-resistant molded polyethylene cradles. Natural wood provides stain and odor resistance, and ball and socket construction provides long-lasting durability.

We hope we have convinced you of the usefulness and benefits that barrel saunas come with! It's up to you now to choose the most suitable option, depending on your needs and the number of people who will use it. We are absolutely sure of one thing: the experience will be unparalleled!

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