Are you a guesthouse owner? This is why you should also include a jacuzzi in the facilities

In search of a special accommodation experience, more and more travelers are turning their attention to guesthouses that offer premium facilities, including a jacuzzi. This addition to the guesthouse's facilities not only brings more comfort, but also a series of benefits that can make a difference in attracting and retaining guests. Here's why a guesthouse with a jacuzzi is so popular:

1. A relaxing and refreshing experience:

The Jacuzzi adds a touch of relaxation and pampering to guests' stay. It is an opportunity for them to relax and escape the daily stress, thus contributing to a memorable accommodation experience.

2. Differentiation in tourism competition:

In a competitive environment where accommodation options are numerous, a jacuzzi becomes a distinctive element. The guesthouse thus becomes more attractive for travelers, offering them something more than other accommodation locations.

3. Effective promotion on social media platforms and reviews:

A guesthouse with a jacuzzi has the potential to generate attractive content for social media. Photos of guests relaxing in the jacuzzi or rave reviews can go viral, attracting the attention of a wider audience.

4. Increasing the length of stay:

Guests are more likely to extend their stay in a guesthouse that offers relaxation amenities such as a jacuzzi. This aspect not only brings financial benefits to the guesthouse, but also strengthens the relationship with the guests, increasing the chances of returning in the future.


With all the benefits brought by the presence of a jacuzzi in a guesthouse, it is clear that it becomes a strategic option for attracting and satisfying guests. Such a facility not only provides a special accommodation experience, but also helps to differentiate the guesthouse in a crowded competitive environment.

If you're looking for a Jacuzzi to enhance your accommodation, we recommend exploring the options available at DeluxeSpa . Here you will find a wide range of jacuzzi models, suitable to meet the specific preferences and needs of your guesthouse. This investment will not only add value to the guest experience, but can also help increase your guesthouse's appeal in the hospitality industry.

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