Discover luxury and comfort: the outstanding features of the SPA C870 mini pool

Looking for the ultimate relaxation experience for you and your loved ones? The SPA C870 mini pool is the perfect choice to transform your space into an oasis of luxury and refinement. With an impressive range of features and high-end technical specifications, this mini pool offers an unparalleled wellness experience. Let's explore together all the details that make the SPA C870 an exceptional choice.

Capacity and dimensions:

  • No. People: 7
  • Seats: 7
  • Dimensions: 2200x2200x900mm
  • Weight: 390 Kg
  • Water volume: 1050 liters
Technical performance:
  • Maximum Power: 8.4 Kw
  • Control Panel: Gecko – K500
  • Heater: 3Kw – Gecko Canada
  • Water Pumps: 2 x 3.0HP (2.2Kw)
  • Air Pump: 1 x 1.0HP (0.7Kw)
  • Recirculation Pump: 1 x 0.5HP (0.25KW)
Jets and features:
            • Water Jets: 56
            • Air Jets: 14
            • Total Jets: 70
            • Fountain: Yes
            • Cervical Massage: Yes
            • Shoulder Massage: Yes
                      Entertainment and ambience:
                      • Bluetooth Music System: Yes
                      • Multi-LED chromotherapy: Yes – 7 colors
                      • Multi-LED Exterior Chromotherapy: Yes – 7 colors
                      • Lighted Jets: Yes
                            Advanced filtration and disinfection system:
                            • Double Filtration: 2 Filters
                            • Disinfection System: Dual UV + Ozonation
                              Durable construction and thermal insulation:
                              • Construction: #304 stainless steel
                              • Extra Thermal Insulation Cover: Yes (14-15 cm)
                              • Tank Thermal Insulation: Yes – 20-30mm
                              • Sealing Tray with Thermal Insulation: Yes – Reflective Sponge 20mm
                              • Perimeter Thermal Insulation: Yes – Reflective
                              • Thermally Insulated Facade: Yes – Reflective Premium Shield 20mm
                                        Additional features:
                                        • Anti-Freeze System: Yes
                                        • Steps: Yes


                                        The SPA C870 mini pool is not only an investment in relaxation, but also in the quality of your everyday life. With an extensive range of advanced functions and a sophisticated design, this mini pool redefines the concept of home comfort. Whether you want an invigorating massage or a relaxing atmosphere with the Bluetooth music system and chromotherapy, SPA C870 offers everything you can imagine and even more. Experience authentic luxury and enjoy the benefits of wellness in your own private oasis.

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