What is a mini SPA pool?

A spa mini pool is a smaller pool designed to provide a relaxing and refreshing experience in the comfort of your own home. These are often also referred to as "jacuzzi" or "whirlpools" and are equipped with water jets and/or a hydromassage system to provide a massage and water therapy experience.

Spa plunge pools are designed to provide numerous health and relaxation benefits. The water jets can be directed to specific parts of the body, providing a gentle or intense massage, depending on the user's preferences. This helps to reduce muscle tension, general relaxation and stress relief.

In addition, mini spa pools are often equipped with a heating system, allowing users to enjoy warm and comforting water at any time of the year. Some more advanced models may have other features, such as underwater lighting, an integrated audio system, or a temperature and jet control system.

They can be installed inside or outside the home and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different spaces and preferences. Mini spa pools can be purchased as stand-alone products or integrated into terraces, gardens or special rooms for relaxation and water treatments.

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