What is aromatherapy?

Our world is in constant change, but we humans tend to return to nature, to harmony and balance. We have been running towards evolution for so long, but we realized, little by little, that we are actually looking to develop, but not to move away from everything that Mother Nature offers us!

Aromatherapy, considered a great addition to modern medicine, is known as a therapeutic practice that uses natural plant extracts to improve the physical and mental state, bringing well-being and balance. Aromatherapy is mainly based on the use of essential oils extracted from medicinal plants and is considered a type of alternative medicine.

Essential oils are said to have been used even by ancient civilizations, the Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, even the Greeks and Romans, who used them as medicine, in cosmetics and to create perfumes!

Essential oils offer a multitude of health benefits, but it's important to know that general health effects cannot be generalized to everyone!

Aromatherapy experts say that essential oils have beneficial effects in reducing stress and anxiety states, help with mental and physical relaxation, relieve headaches, migraines and joint pain, strengthen immunity and improve sleep quality!

In aromatherapy, essential oils can be used in different ways: by diffusing into the air through a diffuser, added to the bath water with the help of bath salts on which the essential oils have been dropped, applied and massaged directly on the skin, or with the help of some inhalation devices.

Our collection of products used in aromatherapy can be found here ! Relaxation sessions during baths will be much more intense, bringing a big plus thanks to the properties of the essential oils that our products contain!

SPA Naturals Dead Sea Salt, Eucalyptus - is an exceptional product, used by our customers in relaxation sessions in hydromassage tubs. It is natural salt brought directly from the south of the Dead Sea, from Israel, with beneficial properties for health due to the minerals it contains! The minerals help to detoxify the body, and the eucalyptus oil relieves nasal congestion and difficult breathing!

SPA Naturals Dead Sea Salt, Lavender - a wonderful product, extracted directly from the southern Dead Sea, with the same amazing properties as the previously presented product. The difference between the two is lavender essential oil which is known for its calming and relaxing properties!

Aromatherapy solution Hydro Therapies Sport RX liquids - Energize (Clary Sage and Ginger) - a perfect product for people with an active lifestyle. It is a product full of vitamins, with natural extracts of sage and ginger that provide a state of peace and calm, but also energy!

Aromatherapy solution Hydro Therapies Sport RX liquids - Rebuild (Mint and eucalyptus) - highly concentrated solution, with beneficial properties both in relieving headaches and improving concentration thanks to the mint extract, but also with an anti-inflammatory role for the muscular system and joints thanks to the essential oil of eucalyptus!

Esenta inSPAration Liquid Pearl - Serenity (Peonies) - resulting from a special blend, obtained from the essences of aromatherapy perfumes, is used for a relaxing experience in full harmony!

It is very important to combine hydrotherapy with aromatherapy, in order to benefit from intense sessions, full of benefits, regardless of whether you have a mini SPA pool, a hydromassage tub , a jacuzzi tub, or maybe even a sauna at home! Aromatherapy may not be a guarantee of disease prevention or cure, but it does offer a pleasant and natural approach to supporting physical and mental health and balance!

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