Is it worth buying a SPA pool? - Advantages and benefits

Thinking of adding a spa pool to your home, but overwhelmed by the options and details? You are not the only one. Many homeowners find themselves in a similar situation, trying to balance the desire for a luxurious home addition with practical considerations. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify spa pools, highlighting the features, benefits and what to look for when making your decision.

What is a SPA pool?

A SPA pool is a hybrid between a jacuzzi and a swimming pool, offering the best features of both. It allows you to swim continuously against a current of water and you can adjust the temperature for a relaxing warm bath or a refreshing swim. Also, SPA pools often come with hydromassage jets, offering a therapeutic experience.

The health benefits of a SPA pool

Regular use of a SPA pool can have a significant impact on your physical and mental state:

  • Increase strength : Swimming and aqua fitness exercises release endorphins and provide a full body workout, strengthening muscles and joints.
  • Muscle and joint relief : The combination of warm water and massage jets can alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, providing a soothing experience.
  • Versatility for your well-being : SPA pools can be used all year round, offering a constant routine regardless of the season.

Will a SPA pool add value to my home?

Yes, a well maintained and quality SPA pool can add value to your property. It is an attractive feature for potential buyers, offering low maintenance compared to a traditional pool and usability in all seasons.

Pros and cons of SPA pools


  • Use throughout the year : SPA pools can be heated or cooled, being perfect for any season.
  • Massage chairs : Often include contoured chairs with relaxing jet massage.
  • Continuous swimming : An adjustable current allows efficient swimming without the need for turns.
  • Reduced installation time and costs : Compared to traditional pools, SPA pools are faster and less expensive to install.
  • Portability : If you move, SPA pools can be relocated.
  • Compact size : SPA pools generally require less space than standard pools.


  • Restrictive shape and design : SPA pools are only available in a rectangular shape and do not offer the same creative design options that you have when installing a pool.
  • No Jumping : SPA pools are not large or deep enough to safely jump into the water.

Is it worth buying a SPA pool?

Yes, a SPA pool is a multifunctional product that allows you to improve your swimming skills, play and relax in the same space.

Of course, SPA pools also represent a financial investment. It's important to select the brand and model that best fits what you want to get out of the product, as well as your budget.

What should you look for in a spa pool?

Brand reputation

Choose a brand known for quality and excellent customer service. A good reputation for reliability and after-sales support is crucial.

Build quality

If you want to invest in a spa pool that will last for many years, ensuring that the following components are made of quality materials will play a large role in the longevity of the product. Components include base tray, frame, plumbing, control system, cabinet and housing.

Isolation in a SPA pool

As with hot tubs, the type and placement of insulation is critical to retaining heat in the water. The better the insulation, the more likely you are to save money. This is because less energy is required to keep the water at the desired temperature.


A spa pool is a significant investment that can increase the value of your home and quality of life. It offers the benefits of both a swimming pool and a jacuzzi, with added benefits such as year-round use and therapeutic features. When looking for a spa pool, prioritize brand reputation, build quality and insulation to ensure a profitable investment. With the right SPA pool, you can enjoy a combination of relaxation, fitness and fun, all in the comfort of your backyard.

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