Why buy a jacuzzi tub? The benefits of hydrotherapy

jacuzzi - hydromassage bath

What is a jacuzzi tub?

Jacuzzi tub | In an ever-changing age, even bathtubs are modernizing!

Modern hot tubs, including mini spas from Deluxe SPA, are integrated, self-contained units, perfect for relaxing and de-stressing your body! Jacuzzi is actually a brand that manufactures hot tubs, but often all hot tubs are called jacuzzis, just as many people call baby diapers "pampers."

Did you know that hydrotherapy can also be applied in the form of a jacuzzi?

Known as a traditional method of treatment, hydrotherapy is based on the body's response to different stimuli, whether hot or cold, under water pressure.

As incredible as it sounds, the home jacuzzi tub can provide the same hydrotherapy benefits as natural hot springs, and what's more, hot tubs offer even more control over the spa experience itself.

What benefits does hydrotherapy offer?

  • relieve stress! Yes, it looks incredible, but it really can do it! Soaking in hot water helps release stress and tension built up in the body! Warm water has the power to help your body release endorphins that help you release your daily stress and relax.
  • relieves muscle pain and tension. Maybe you do fitness, or maybe you're just very tense after so many tasks. The hot tub can relieve muscle aches and pains caused by physical exertion. Hot water makes you feel lighter, gives you the impression of floating, giving your muscles a break and dilating your blood vessels.
  • it gives you a deeper sleep. It is best to enjoy the mini spa pool 60-90 minutes before sleep. It will help you fall asleep more easily and have quality sleep. While you're in the tub, the water raises your body temperature, and the subsequent cooling period signals to your body that it's ready to rest.

The advantages of Jacuzzi tubs from Deluxe Spa

Yes, these are the benefits that come with a jacuzzi, and the mini SPA pools from Deluxe SPA can turn you into a master of hydrotherapy relaxation right at your home!

The big advantage of Deluxe SPA hot tubs is the control panel. Through the control panel you can customize your jacuzzi experience:

  • you can set the temperature. Using the control panel, you can choose your favorite command in each session. It depends only on you if you want hot water, somewhere around 40 degrees Celsius, or if you want a bath in lukewarm water, at a more pleasant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. If you want to opt for the cooling system of the hydromassage tub or a jacuzzi from Deluxe SPA, you can cool the water down to a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. Heating the water will then only take a few hours!
  • you can control the speed of the jet pump. The jets target specific areas of the body, and the massage can be adjusted from a lower intensity - for complete relaxation, to a higher intensity - for a genuine and intense massage.
  • you have entertainment options. Even while you're in the hot tub, you can enjoy your favorite music, podcasts or TV shows through the optional entertainment system! You just have to set, from the control panel, the state you want!

Deluxe SPA tubs can be monitored and controlled remotely! Maybe you want to enjoy a bath as soon as you get home, or maybe you want to pamper your significant other - you just know what a busy day they've had! You just have to set your preferences remotely, and after you get home, enjoy the treat! Remote monitoring has another advantage: that of controlling the hot tub in the holiday home.

Deluxe SPA is renowned on the Romanian market for the distribution of high quality air jet bathtubs/spa mini pools/jacuzzi.

Hydromassage tubs of the SPA mini-pool type are portable units that can be mounted above the ground. Why are they called SPA ? Because they are renowned for their superior quality features and the hydrotherapeutic benefits they provide to owners/consumers. It's good to know this before buying a hot tub.

Deluxe SPA products are recognized for quality, reliability and durability. Let us know if you want to see for yourself the difference a branded product makes, we're here for you!

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