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Why choose a SPA Barcelona II mini pool

by Bianca Stoica 25 Jan 2023

As with any purchase, choosing the ideal mini pool isn't easy at all, but that's what we're here for! Whatever choice you make, it's important to write down the pros and cons, of course, along with what you want from the perfect product that meets all your needs!

The SPA Barcelona II mini pool may not have the miraculous power to take you directly to the capital of Catalonia, but it will certainly manage to transport you to miraculous places thanks to the de-stressing and relaxing effect it has on your body!

The SPA Barcelona II mini pool comes in four color variants, depending on your preferences and where it will be placed. If you like the classic version, white as pearls on the bottom of the ocean, there is the Sterling Silver version. A special shade with a special sheen is Odyssey - maybe you like the glossy, stardust version.

For wenge color enthusiasts, who like to be as close to nature as possible, we have the option of the Midnight Canyon casing, and if the mini pool will be positioned in the garden, on the terrace or in a place located outside, we recommend the Gray Facade that imitates the wood.

According to the technical specifications, the SPA Barcelona II mini pool has a capacity of up to 5 people, 3 places being intended for those who want to sit in a sitting position, 2 people can relax in a lying position.

You wonder if you can place it where you imagine it, don't you? You need some dimensions to know if it fits, we know... 2230 x 2230 x 940 mm are the dimensions of the mini pool and it weighs 400 kg. The volume of water it can hold is 1200 liters, and the supply must be made with current of 220 V - 380 V, with a maximum power of 10 Kw. In the place where you will position it, implicitly you will need electricity supply and a water source!

The control panel is digital and is called SPA Touch Balboa USA . From here you will be able to control the 3 Kw heater - Balboa USA, the 3 water pumps of 3.0 HP (2.2 Kw), the recirculation pump of 0.5 HP (0.37 Kw), the 86 water jets, but also the other entertainment options .

Standard mini pool options include 2 speakers, 3 headrests and the possibility of water distribution in the form of a waterfall and/or fountain.
From now on, you won't have to call for additional cervical or shoulder massage services, because these two services are included as standard options of the SPA Barcelona II mini pool!

Since I was writing a little above about the entertainment options, it should be mentioned that the Bluetooth music system is included and can also be controlled from the control panel.

In terms of therapy, you can enjoy indoor and outdoor multi-LED chromotherapy in 7 colors, the water jets being illuminated.

You don't have to worry about the water quality, the mini pool is equipped with 2 filters, for a double filtration system and an Ozonization disinfection system.
For tips related to spa mini pool maintenance and cleaning, ask the specialists or read our mini articles posted in the special section of the blog. There are some products specially designed to help you!

Other options included in the standard package are the Anti-Freeze system , very important for the cold period of the year, the extra heat-insulating cover of 8-10 cm, the thermal insulation of the tub, of 20-30 mm, the sealing tray with thermal insulation and the perimeter thermal insulation, both being reflective and the thermally insulated facade - Platinum Premium Shield - the top version of facade insulation.

Before we finish, we also point out the detail related to the structure of the mini pool, which is made of #304 stainless steel and mention that it comes with steps to make it easier to access your oasis of peace!

We're here for any question you have, whether it's about the SPA Barcelona II mini pool or about other products we have at your disposal! Whatever your choice, we are sure it will be the right one!

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