How to prepare the Spa mini pool for the holiday

Whether you're planning a short getaway or a long vacation, proper spa preparation is essential to ensure you return to a healthy and balanced environment. At , we want you to enjoy your spa experience without worries, so we offer you a simple guide to prepare your spa case according to the duration of your absence.

If you leave less than 7 Days

Even for short absences, it is important to take appropriate measures to keep your spa water and equipment in optimal condition. Here's a 6-step guide to follow before you go:

  1. Test and balance water alkalinity and hardness. This step is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment and preventing equipment damage.
  2. Clean the filter thoroughly or replace it with a clean one. A clean filter ensures efficient circulation and adequate water filtration.
  3. Add an appropriate amount of disinfectant to a floating dispenser. It is also recommended to shock the water with disinfectant before departure to ensure deep disinfection.
  4. Make sure the spa roof is securely attached. This will prevent the build-up of impurities and maintain the temperature of the water.
  5. If you want, you can reduce the temperature to save energy and money. It is an effective measure, especially for short absences.
  6. Do not turn off the power supply to your spa. The filtration system must remain in operation to ensure water circulation and filtration.

If you leave for more than 7 days

For holidays that exceed 7 days, the preparation of the spa requires additional attention:

  1. It performs the necessary tests and balances the alkalinity and hardness of the water.
  2. Clean or replace the filter.
  3. Add disinfectant tablets to a floating dispenser. If possible, ask a neighbor to add some suitable chemicals every few days.
  4. Shock the water with disinfectant before leaving and add water clarifier.
  5. Secures the spa roof.
  6. Adjust the temperature or activate the sleep mode according to the instructions in the control panel. This is an effective way to save energy.
  7. Use a protective spa cover. Not only does this help keep your electricity costs down, but it also protects the exterior of your spa.

Regardless of the length of your absence, these measures will help ensure that your spa remains in perfect condition, ready to provide the relaxation and comfort you desire when you return from vacation.

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