Add a touch of freshness to your space with the Aromen® GreenSpace C100 Diffuser

Aromen® GreenSpace is an innovative aroma diffusion system, designed to create a pleasant and refined environment in living, working and public spaces. With the help of professional diffusers and high-quality aromatic blends, this system offers you a special olfactory experience.

One of the standout speakers in the GreenSpace series is the C100 model. It stands out for its ease of use and attractive design. Once you have programmed it, the speaker works automatically, giving you comfort and peace of mind in use. Its larger tank ensures long-lasting operation, and the essential oils are dispersed through the air thanks to the latest nano technology.

One of the main advantages of the C100 diffuser is the uniform distribution of aromas throughout the space. Whether it's an apartment, an office or a larger public space, this diffuser ensures that the aroma spreads properly. Thus, you will benefit from an optimal therapeutic value of the essential oils used, contributing to the improvement of mood and general well-being.

Energy efficiency is another important aspect of the GreenSpace C100 speaker. It uses a minimal amount of essential oil to provide a lasting aromatic experience. Thus, you will get maximum benefits from every drop of oil used. Also, this speaker is suitable for spaces from 100 m³ to 150 m³, covering a wide range of sizes.

The C series is the ideal solution for those looking for a compact and flexible system. The C100 diffuser can be easily detached or mounted, depending on your preferences and needs. Thus, you can easily adapt to the different environments in which you want to use the diffuser, ensuring that you always benefit from fresh and pleasant air.

Another outstanding feature of the C100 speaker is its ability to operate both on mains voltage and on batteries. This makes it very versatile and convenient, giving you flexibility in its placement and use. Also, the C100 diffuser benefits from an automatic program configuration, making it easier for you to set the aromas and desired intensity. This is achieved through the intuitive LED display, which allows you to customize your aromatic experience according to your preferences.

The Aroman® GreenSpace C100 speaker is suitable for a variety of spaces, including spas , offices, receptions, conference rooms, hotels, toilets, shops and yoga spaces. Regardless of the environment in which you use it, this diffuser will provide you with an exceptional olfactory experience, contributing to the creation of a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

In terms of essential oil consumption, the C100 diffuser is economical and efficient. By using an average of 100 ml of essential oil in 20 weeks, it allows you to save resources and enjoy the benefits of essential oils for a long time.

In conclusion, the Aroman® GreenSpace C100 diffuser is an excellent solution to create a pleasant and healthy atmosphere in living, working and public spaces. With a beautiful design, automatic operation and energy efficiency, this diffuser stands out for its superior performance and optimal therapeutic value. Regardless of the space in which you use it, the C100 diffuser will provide you with an unforgettable olfactory experience, thus improving the quality of your life.

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